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NOW’s ‘Enough Rush’ protest in DC draws massive crowd

By Doug Powers  •  May 19, 2012 04:55 PM

**Written by Doug Powers


Rush will probably refer to them as the NAGnificent Seven:

Seven women participated in the National Organization for Women’s day of protest against Rush Limbaugh in front of Limbaugh’s D.C. affiliate WMAL, Friday.

NOW’s national protest day had been in the works since April 19, when the women’s advocacy group launched their “Enough Rush” campaign.

Pairing with media watchdog Media Matters for America NOW is targeting local affiliates and local advertisers, Friday’s demonstration was touted as the group’s big demonstration of opposition to Limbaugh with affiliates across the country participating in protests.

The Daily Caller put the number of protesters at seven, but a less biased spokesperson for NOW estimated the crowd size at around 50,000.

This is just a theory, but part of NOW’s problem here could have been that they scheduled the protest during Rush’s show. As a result, many NOW members were perhaps unable to join in because they were busy intently listening to Limbaugh so they wouldn’t miss the next thing to be offended by in order to add it to the list of reasons his show needs to be taken off the air.

According to NOW, the “local community demonstrated its enthusiastic support,” but I think I got more support from my local community the last time I mowed my lawn:

There seems to be a lot more activity over at the National Organization for Rush Babes Facebook page.

**Written by Doug Powers

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