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Washington Post fact-checks Obama claims of a fiscally restrained administration

By Doug Powers  •  May 26, 2012 05:50 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

The Obama administration’s latest proof that they are fiscally responsible is Rex Nutting’s piece at CBS Marketwatch. That analysis — if it can be called that — has since been torn apart like it was accidentally left on the table during a chigiri-e class. The Washington Post fact-check column is the latest to take issue with the Nutting’s numbers and methodology, as well as Jay Carney’s condescending sniveling.

You can read the WaPo’s entire analysis here, but this is the conclusion:


The obvious question is being asked: Only three Pinocchios on a four Pinocchio scale?

In the WaPo’s defense, there was going to be one more, but after hearing Obama and Carney saying theirs is the most fiscally restrained administration in 60 years, Geppetto died laughing before he could make the fourth Pinocchio.

If you missed it, give a read to Political Math’s “How to make Obama’s spending look small.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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