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Developing MSM trend: Begging GOP governors of states with healthier economies to give plaudits to Obama

By Doug Powers  •  June 4, 2012 09:21 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Over the weekend there were a couple of examples of what’s almost certain to become a coordinated mainstream media trend in the coming months: Pleading with Republicans from states with better-than-average economies to give President Obama some credit for their state’s recovery.

In this first example, Ohio Governor John Kasich was on Meet the Press Sunday morning, and David Gregory was determined to get Kasich to credit President Obama for Ohio’s falling unemployment rate (because of the auto bailout, which as Kasich pointed out, didn’t make as big of a dent as Gregory implied):

The same day, on CNN’s State of the Union, host Candy Crowley pretty much begged Virginia’s Republican Governor Bob McDonnell to give Obama at least a tiny bit of credit for the fact that his state is performing better economically than many others:

This line of questioning would fall into the “fair game” category if these same talking heads were to ask governors of states that are going to economic hell in handbaskets weaved from deficits, regulations and over taxation if they in any way blame President Obama for their state’s woes.

**Written by Doug Powers

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