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Obama campaign hits panic reset button in Ohio

By Doug Powers  •  June 14, 2012 05:50 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Fortunately for the Obama administration, the reset button they gave Russia in 2009 as part of Hillary’s “world peace through the exchange of cheap plastic novelty gifts” initiative wasn’t the only one they had.

Today, a backup reset button for use in domestic political emergencies was pushed in Ohio:

Obama traveled to Ohio and spoke at a community college outside Cleveland to effectively to hit a reset button on his re-election campaign following a stretch of bad economic news and messaging missteps that have shaken Democrats’ confidence and caused some allies to sound the alarm.

At the outset, he admitted he misspoke last week when he said “the private sector is doing just fine” creating jobs. At the end he politely asked for supporters to “stand with me” for a second term.

“There will be no shortage of gaffes and controversies,” he said of the months until November. “Recently I made my own contribution.”

He warned that a President Romney would doom the middle class. He called it a “defining moment” in American history.

Hitting a reset button when the original setting wasn’t working won’t do much good.

In other Obama campaign news, check out these dueling headlines…

First, earlier this week:


And today:


I didn’t think he’d need to hit the reset button again so soon.

Bill Clinton still isn’t helping out Team Obama, but that started a couple of years ago. In this video from September of 2010, Clinton is shown advising voters to “give us two more years — if it doesn’t work, vote us out”:

Right now somebody from the Obama campaign is dutifully hitting the reset button on the video to try and make it go away, but it would take amnesia for that to happen.

As for Joe Biden, I’m reading this as a Romney endorsement.

**Written by Doug Powers

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