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Meet the Press host: Maybe it’s time Obama started blaming Bush for stuff

By Doug Powers  •  June 15, 2012 06:29 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

If you need further proof that some members of the mainstream media do not reside on the same planet as the rest of us, here it is:

Partial transcript by way of Newsbusters:

LAUER: And how does Barack Obama go out there on the campaign trail and say, “I can do in the next four years what I have failed to accomplish in the last three and a half”?

GREGORY: I mean if it comes down to that, Matt, it’s a bad day for him. Mitt Romney is running the campaign he wants to run, which is just a referendum. “You’re not happy about the economy, this guy’s been there for four years, vote him out of office. You need an alternative.” What the President’s got to do is say, “Hey, don’t forget about George W. Bush. Things got really, really bad under him.”

Blame Bush? What an original concept. Hopefully on Meet the Press this weekend one of the guests is from the Obama administration so Gregory can offer them his unique and untested campaign strategy advice.

In the coming weeks as the campaign heats up, I’m also expecting David Gregory to suggest that it might be a good idea for Obama to start having some fundraisers and try unwinding by taking up golf.

**Written by Doug Powers

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