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Axelrod: Obama’s re-election will liberate ‘Republicans of good will’ who want to work with him

By Doug Powers  •  June 24, 2012 03:53 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

David Axelrod has a different definition of “liberate” than many of us do, so any GOP member of Congress who is tempted into being comforted by this outreach might want to reconsider:

In an interview with C-SPAN, Axelrod said there are plenty of Republicans who would like to work with Obama but have been unable to because of a “kind of reign of terror” in which any act of cooperation with the president was seen as a betrayal.

Yet Axelrod insisted there are Republicans “of good will” would would like to work with Obama.

“My belief is that when the president wins in November, we’re going to liberate these Republicans of good will,” Axelrod said.

He added that those Republicans will “blink into the light of a new day and they’re going to turn to the Grover Norquists of the world, frankly as Jeb Bush has recently, and say, ‘You know we did it your way, and frankly that was a failure for the country, and also for the Republican Party, and now we’re going to work together.’”

“Republicans of good will” by Axelrod’s definition don’t need Obama to be re-elected in order to be liberated — they’re either doing it themselves or fed up voters are doing it for them.

We can handle the liberation of Republicans who want to reach across the aisle and stay there, Mr. Axelrod — you guys stay focused on liberating people from their wedding, anniversary and birthday presents, religious freedoms, etc.

(h/t Weasel Zippers)

**Written by Doug Powers

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