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List of those claiming Obamacare mandate isn’t a tax becomes a bipartisan affair

By Doug Powers  •  July 2, 2012 08:30 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Even though the Supreme Court ruled the Obamacare mandate is constitutional as long as it’s considered a tax, the list of politicians and their surrogates claiming the mandate is not a tax has been growing rapidly.

Senator Frank Lautenberg is one of the latest:

Lautenberg was preceded by Nancy Pelosi:

Obama Chief of Staff Jack Lew also stuck to his guns even though Chris Wallace had him cornered using the words of the Obama administration’s own lawyer:

Here’s a good one: Donna Brazile is referring to the mandate not as a tax, but as a “wellness penalty.”

Finally, Romney advisor Eric Fehrnstrom also said the Obamacare mandate isn’t a tax. Wait… Romney advisor? Yep:

Ah, bipartisanship.

Dems are claiming the mandate isn’t a tax so it can’t be said President Obama broke a promise and raised taxes on the middle class, and Romney’s people are saying the Massachusetts mandate isn’t a tax for pretty much the same reason. Bad idea, says Charles Krauthammer (via Right Scoop):

This is a classic case where consistency and intellectual honesty is a mistake. Simply accept what the Supreme Court has said – it’s a tax. And forget about the attack on Massachusetts. People are going to decide on Obamacare and not on what happened in Massachusetts.

Everybody knew this would become a problem if Romney secured the nomination, as we discussed here on several occasions during the primary season. But Krauthammer’s correct — if the left’s newest unexpected love match on eHarmony.com/scotus says it’s a tax, and four of the Court’s usual lefties agree, then concede that portion of the argument to these legal minds who are beloved by Democrats: it’s a tax!

**Written by Doug Powers

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