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North Korea’s Lil’ Kim gets his own anthem

By Doug Powers  •  July 6, 2012 03:45 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

When I first heard that North Korea was looking for a signature song for Lil’ Kim, I thought Peter Wolf’s “Lights Out” would be perfect — or maybe CCR’s “Fortunate Son.” Unfortunately those weren’t under consideration though. I’m told that Elton John’s “Rocket Man” was in the running… until a few weeks ago. Frustrating the song search process, “Mmm mmm mmm” was already taken.

As it turns out, NK decided to go totally original on an anthem for Kim Jong-un:

Over the past decade or so, the bubblegum pop and kitsch dance routines of South Korean K-pop bands have taken the charts by storm across Asia and Latin America. Across the Korean border to the north, meanwhile, broadcasters are prompting a track somewhat less likely to find international success: a new signature song for youthful leader Kim Jong-un.

The anthem – catchily titled Onwards Toward the Final Victory is part of the propaganda drive to build up the image of the “great successor”. Radio and television are airing it several times a day and the score has already been printed in the official newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

“The song hardens the will of the Korean army and people to devote their all to the prosperity of the country with high national pride,” said state news agency KCNA.
The tune previously associated with Kim Jong-un – Footsteps – did not include a specific reference either, but was issued while his father was alive and before he had a formal position.

“It’s a bit odd [not to mention him] now that he’s leader… Some people are beginning to suggest we are seeing a situation where the father and son are being more or less deified and the grandson is just the current leader. I think the jury’s out,” Howard said.

Delury added: “There’s still, definitely, a massive campaign to pump up his image and credentials… [Omitting his name] is probably related to the fact that he’s so young they have to phase in the larger than life elements of his public persona.”

Watch the rocket launches closely… I think they hired Iran’s Sepah News photoshopper for this video:

Did you hear Jimmy Carter in the mix on backing vocals? Me neither… frankly I’m a little surprised.

Overall it sounds to me like Sergey Mikhalkov and Alexander Alexandrov are being cheated out of a royalty payment.

**Written by Doug Powers

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