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Gigglesnort: Obama claims to have been outspent in 2008

By Doug Powers  •  July 8, 2012 11:19 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

This election year, Team Obama’s angle is to be “the little campaign that could” by portraying the Romney campaign as having all the cash and theirs as the one whose donations come in three dollars at a time from people who just want to have a cup of coffee with Middle Class Joe™. Hardly a day goes by without the Obama campaign putting out another “I’ll be outspent” email (the numbers suggest anything but) rallying supporters to dig deeper.

In order to play the underdog, Obama isn’t only claiming he’ll be outspent this year, but revising history to say he was also outspent in 2008:

“You know what, I might be worried about all this money being spent if it wasn’t for my memories of previous campaigns. That first campaign I ran, that last campaign I ran in 2008, I’ve been outspent before,” Obama said a campaign event in Pittsburgh on Friday afternoon.

As always, it depends on what your definition of “outspent” is:


This year’s last-ditch strategy is to hope that the election hinges on undecided voters with incredibly short term memories who can also be suckered into believing that Romney has been the problem.

Forward… to another alternate past:

**Written by Doug Powers

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