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Almost 2 dozen reportedly faint during Obama speech

By Doug Powers  •  July 14, 2012 12:09 PM

**Written by Doug Powers


The 2012 campaign is the 2008 campaign on steroids: Harsher accusations, increased numbers of ridiculous claims, and greater numbers of people succumbing to the awesomeness of it all:

Medical staff at a campaign rally for President Obama in Roanoke, Va., had their hands full this evening as more than 20 people collapsed during his speech.

“In fact, fire officials say more than 20 people fell out during the course of the speech,” the pool reporter said. “There were waves of exclamation as one person after another swooned.”

All told, 21 people received medical treatment at the event and one person was taken to a local hospital, out of a crowd of 3,040. It was about 75 degrees in Roanoke this evening.

Obama reminded the crowd that there were paralegals in the house to provide medical assistance — yes, paralegals. The president then corrected himself, but, given the apparent nature of what’s in store under Obamacare, his first statement was probably more factually accurate.

Just a few months ago, President Obama reminded people that “folks faint all the time” at his rallies, so nobody can say they weren’t warned:

**Written by Doug Powers

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