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Out: Obamacare mandate is a penalty, fee, tax or compulsatory wellness outlay opportunity — In: Obamacare mandate is a ‘principle’

By Doug Powers  •  July 18, 2012 11:03 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Last month, Jay Carney referred to the Obamacare mandate as a penalty. President Obama had previously claimed it was “not a tax” before calling it a tax just last week. But now they appear to be settling on an angle. Meet the newest addition to the parade of Obamacare mandate nomenclature: “Principle”:

In the ongoing debate over whether the Affordable Care Act’s mandate is a tax or a penalty, President Obama tried a different approach — calling it a “principle.”

“It’s less a tax or a penalty than it is a principle — which is you can’t be a freeloader on other folks when it comes to your health care, if you can afford it,” Obama said in an interview with Toledo’s WTOL.

The White House has struggled with how to respond to charges that the Affordable Care Act — deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court last month under Congress’ taxation power — raises taxes.

Possible addition to today’s agenda at the White House: Drafting an executive order that will change the name of April 15th to “Principle Day” (though maybe “principal” would be the more appropriate spelling).

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**Written by Doug Powers

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