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Mass. Governor asks town to fill pothole in path of FLOTUS motorcade to upcoming $20k a seat fundraiser

By Doug Powers  •  July 19, 2012 10:42 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Sources tell me an alternate procedure is in the works in case the pothole isn’t filled in time. The contingency planning includes slightly altering the route of the First Lady’s motorcade to steer around the pothole, but hopefully those kinds of drastic measures won’t be necessary:

The office of Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, a staunch ally of President Barack Obama, asked town officials in the Berkshires to fix a pothole in the path of an upcoming Michelle Obama motorcade, according to a report.

The Boston Herald reports Patrick is hosting a $20,000-a-seat fundraiser for the first lady at his home in the western Massachusetts hamlet of Richmond (pop. 1,475) next month. A Patrick aide called Richmond’s town administrator and asked him to fix a pothole on the road Obama will have to take to Patrick’s estate, called Sweet P Farm. Richmond’s administrator alerted officials in the next town over, where the pothole is actually located.

The town administrator in West Stockbridge, Mark Webber, was happy to oblige the governor’s request.

“That’s one of those spots we had planned to fix. Now we’ll just fix it a couple weeks sooner,” Webber said, adding the repair “isn’t a big deal” and will cost “a couple of tons of blacktop, a couple of hundred bucks.”

You’re probably asking yourself, “won’t the pothole be covered by the red carpet and the rose petals Governor Patrick will put down?” Possibly, but that would only take care of the problem from an aesthetic standpoint. The real fear is that if the motorcade might hit the pothole on the way back to the airport after the dinner, spilling the fundraising haul everywhere.

In defense of Governor Patrick, those limos ride pretty low and, if not filled in, the pothole might have been enough to stop the motorcade in its tracks.

Howie Carr ponders a hypothetical imaging doomsday scenario:

Imagine if Mitt Romney as governor had called up the town manager of Wolfeboro, N.H., and asked that the road to his lakefront digs be repaired so that he could entertain … Laura Bush.

At $20,000 a head.

If for some reason the pothole isn’t filled in time, it will be Bush’s fault.

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**Written by Doug Powers

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