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Obama: We tried our plan, and it worked

By Doug Powers  •  July 26, 2012 10:38 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Hot on the heels of “the private sector is doing fine” and “you didn’t build that,” President Obama said this at a fundraiser Monday: “We tried our plan, and it worked.”

Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Turbo Tim was testifying before Congress and obviously didn’t get Obama’s memo:

Add to that food stamp usage at a record high, disability claims through the roof, the economy not creating enough jobs to keep pace with the number of people entering the market, poverty expected to reach levels not seen in nearly half a century, people dropping out of the labor force in droves and a parade of federally funded bankruptcies. Heck, Obama’s own veep recently called this a “depression for millions and millions of Americans.”

If the plan is working, I’m afraid to ask what the plan is.

(h/t Jim Geraghty)

**Written by Doug Powers

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