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Romney to announce running mate Saturday morning; Update: It’s Paul Ryan

By Doug Powers  •  August 10, 2012 11:40 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

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From the Associated Press:

Mitt Romney’s campaign says the presumed Republican presidential nominee will announce his running mate Saturday morning in Norfolk, Va.

In a statement issued Friday night, the Romney campaign said the running mate would be revealed at 9 a.m. EDT at the Nauticus Museum. Romney is kicking off a four-day bus tour through swing states.

Paul Ryan? We’ll find out soon enough. Speculate away, and keep an eye on Twitchy for the latest. We’ll have more over the weekend.

Update (Saturday a.m.): A short time ago the Romney campaign made the announcement via iPhone app (h/t Weekly Standard):


Romney’s official announcement is scheduled for 9:05 a.m. Right Scoop has a live stream here.

Brace for ramped-up versions of this.

The first critique of the Paul Ryan choice is in (make sure you don’t have a mouthful of coffee when you read this): “No significant private sector experience.”

Update II: The Obama campaign calls Ryan the “architect of the radical Republican House budget.” It’s true that there are no radical Democrat budgets. There are no Democrat budgets period. Well, unless you count this.

Nancy Pelosi managed to shoo away the voices in her head long enough to put out a statement, and it’s everything you’d expect it to be.

**Written by Doug Powers

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