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Hecklers try to join Paul Ryan on stage, media notes ‘spirited’ atmosphere

By Doug Powers  •  August 13, 2012 07:25 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

There are just under three months to go until the election, and probably very few of those days will go by without something like this happening:

Ryan’s first foray into Iowa came on the same day when President Obama began his bus tour through the Hawkeye state.

“I heard that President Obama is starting his bus tour today and I heard he wasn’t going to come to the Iowa State Fair,” Paul said.

“Are you going to cut Medicare?” a woman shouted.

“It’s funny because Iowans and Wisconsinites, we like to be respectful of one another and peaceful with one another and listen to one another. These ladies must not be from Iowa or Wisconsin,” Paul said, referring to the protesters.

And that’s when things got much rowdier. A female protester began to climb on the small stage. She was able to get up before being dragged off by Ryan’s Secret Service detail.

Ryan, dressed in a red checked shirt and jeans, continued with his pitch to the rest of the crowd, many holding Romney signs or even standing in front of protesters.

We now await Debbie Wasserman Schultz to claim she is unaware of their party affiliation.

As you can see in the video below, security, not to mention the architectural integrity of the stage, was nearly compromised today:

If something similar had happened during an Obama or Biden speech, would anyone in the MSM have described the atmosphere as “spirited”?

Twitchy has lots more.

Update: The Right Scoop has Ryan’s entire speech. A few protesters will try to dominate the coverage (and they’ll succeed to a great degree on some of the mainstream outlets) as the weeks go on but the focus of those wishing for change should and will stay on the message.

Also, Romney’s doing a good job handling the hecklers.

**Written by Doug Powers

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