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GOP convention to be delayed a day due to Isaac

By Doug Powers  •  August 26, 2012 03:14 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

The current track of Isaac, which is at present a tropical storm, shows the storm moving west of Florida and offering no direct threat to the Tampa area, but just in case the RNC has delayed the convention start to Tuesday and is trying to figure out how to jam four days worth of events and speeches into three days:

With Isaac bearing down on Florida, the soon-to-be Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney scrapped at least the first day of his national convention.

Top Romney aides and Republican National Committee officials scrambled late Saturday behind closed doors to shrink a four-day schedule of events into three for a convention that had been set to open with a sweeping indictment of President Barack Obama’s economic stewardship. They said they hoped to begin laying out a revised schedule on Sunday, and it wasn’t immediately clear what parts of the agenda would stay and what parts would go.

Nor was it clear whether there would be more delays. Romney’s team was preparing for more schedule changes in case Isaac makes landfall elsewhere in Florida, requiring assistance from the brigades of police, national guard and emergency workers assigned to the convention.

Even more disappointing, Joe Biden has apparently canceled plans to crash the Republicans’ party. And the hits just keep on coming.

Will the hurricane threaten a Tuesday start? Not according to the RNC Chair:

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said on Sunday he is “100 percent” sure the convention will run on Tuesday, after Monday’s events were cancelled due to a tropical storm approaching Tampa.

The convention was delayed to keep delegates safe, and Priebus said organizers are confident the storm will not pose an issue for the rest of the convention.

“We don’t believe it is tracking even in our direction, because it is tracking the opposite direction, but the problem we had is the driving winds and the sustained winds and the unpredictability was a problem,” he on CNN’s State of the Union. “We could not be assured of the total safety of the buses traveling over long bridges, over open water.”

How much of the news cycle Isaac will consume during the convention remains to be seen. It’s expected to enter the Gulf and become a category 2 hurricane as it heads toward the coasts of Mississippi and Louisiana, but the intensity could change dramatically in either direction.

Jennifer Granholm, current Current host and former Michigan governor who left the state a category 5 economic disaster to clean up after, managed to squeeze a Todd Akin joke out of all this… at least I think that’s what she was going for:

**Written by Doug Powers

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