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Maybe Dennis Miller should represent the RNC for all future MSNBC interviews

By Doug Powers  •  August 28, 2012 12:57 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

On Twitter earlier Michelle asked rhetorically if Dennis Miller could fill in for Reince Priebus during any subsequent MSNBC interviews. The reason was the way Miller hit back during his appearance on the Tonight Show when Leno started carrying the “war on women” water for the Dems.

Transcript from Newsbusters via Twitchy:

DENNIS MILLER: I don’t dislike President Obama. I just think that it’s been an inept four years. And you know, I’m just calling it as I see it. I know you like him. What am I missing over the last four years? It just does not seem that good to me.

JAY LENO: Well, I think he has compassion for regular people. I think that’s what — I think if the Republican Party is missing anything, it’s this sort of war on women, and, and compassion-

MILLER: War on women? With Sandra Fluke? She’s 30, for God’s sake. She’s still in school. She wants me to kick in ten bucks a month for her birth control? Here, I’ll give you ten. Just shut up for a second, okay? [Cheers and applause] This woman, Jay, the war on women, for God’s sake.

It isn’t surprising Leno defends the compassion of Obama. Heck, after Comcast (whose CEO is a big Obama supporter by the way) made major Tonight Show budget cuts, laid off staff and the host took a big pay cut, Leno made a joke about the place having been taken over by Bain Capital. Leno really went out of his way to avoid joking about the obvious not to mention real world connections.


Bonus Miller quote from the same interview: I want to help the helpless. I don’t give a rat’s ass about the clueless.

**Written by Doug Powers

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