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Chris Matthews gets fact checked on claim that he lives in DC

By Doug Powers  •  August 30, 2012 05:08 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Tuesday night on MSNBC, perhaps to fill time while the cable net was avoiding showing any of the minority speakers at the Republican convention so as not to destroy their narrative, Chris Matthews said the following (transcript Newsbusters via Ace of Spades):

But I go back to living in DC all these years. I’ve lived there 40 years, a black-majority city, and anybody who wants to get up early in Washington and drive down North Capitol (Street) and drive past Florida Avenue, sees nothing but youn-, but black people up at 6:30 in the morning going to work. That’s where they’re going, to work, and not at big-wage jobs and not to get a welfare check, they’re out working hard all day and not coming home with a fantastic paycheck.

After reading that (video at the link) you might assume that Matthews lives in Washington, DC, right? If you answered “no” just because you don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth, award yourself ten points for attentiveness.

Matthews actually lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland — an affluent suburb several miles from DC. Which brings us to this:

According to census data at Maryland-Demographics.com, 1,953 people lived in Chevy Chase Village as of 2010. Of those nearly 2,000 residents, 10 were black. That’s right — ten. As in, one-half of one percent. Ninety-three percent of its residents were white, the remaining percentage other minorities.

I’ll never again doubt Tingles’ black street cred.

How fast would Matthews be out calling Paul Ryan a racist and a phony if he lied about living in a black majority city just for effect?

This article from from Capitol File’s “A day in the life of Chris Matthews” also mentions that Matthews resides in Chevy Chase:

Most evenings Matthews says he meets Kathleen for dinner at a local haunt near their Chevy Chase abode…

The article also states that Matthews usually works from home and then heads to his office in DC after 1 p.m., so it’s unlikely he’s hanging around with DC residents at 6:30 in the morning or gets much of a chance to observe the working habits of anybody that isn’t employed by NBC.

On a separate note, MSNBC is actually fact-checking Paul Ryan’s iPod playlist, which he says goes from AC/DC to Zeppelin. Yeah, okay, the latter band’s name actually starts with “L” and thus wouldn’t appear be at the tail end of an alphabetical playlist containing any artist starting with “M” or beyond. Artistic license in political speeches is only granted to those who say they can control the level of oceans:

**Written by Doug Powers

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