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Boos as Dems vote to recognize God and Jerusalem in party platform

By Doug Powers  •  September 5, 2012 10:03 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Attendees at the Democrat convention were confused when they were asked to vote on including God in the platform because they thought they already had one in it. Actually a reliable source tells me it wasn’t the Dems who originally demanded God not be included in their platform, but rather God.

As for the inclusion of Jerusalem, according to CNN, Obama wanted the language inserted into the platform. It’s possible internal poll numbers are showing the Jewish vote peeling off fast, causing the order to be given to add the Israel language to the platform. Also, maybe some credit is due the intrepid pathological liar Debbie Wasserman Schultz for forcing the move.

Watch the video toward the end when convention chairman Antonio Villaraigosa takes the final voice vote — no way there are the required two-thirds in the affirmative. It was 50-50 at best but the Jerusalem amendment could not be allowed to be shot down in in full public view, so “Chicago rules” were applied to the vote count:

If we need any further evidence that it was not a two-thirds vote, Debbie Wasserman Schultz said it was a two-thirds vote.

Funny that the White House and a few other Dems had a sudden urge to recognize Jerusalem, because just a couple of weeks ago Jay Carney dared not speak its name.

(h/t Babalu Blog)

**Written by Doug Powers

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