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Bill Clinton campaigning for Romney Obama: If a healthy economy were the only election test the president would vote against himself

By Doug Powers  •  September 12, 2012 09:00 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

I couldn’t disagree more with Clinton that Obama would vote ever against himself, but I do think he’s right when he insinuates that if the economy is the only consideration the president will lose badly in November — which might be the case if it’s only one of many considerations.

Transcript from RCP:

“No one, not me, not anybody else, no one could have completely healed that and built a whole new economy and brought us back to full employment in just four years. It has never been done in the history of the world. It can not be done. The test is not whether you think everything is hunky-dory. If that were the test, the president would vote against himself. He says that everything’s not hunky-dory,” President Clinton said at an event in Miami where he was campaigning for President Obama.

From “Yes We Can” to “Nobody Could Have” in just four short years.

“[Obama] says that everything’s not hunky dory.” He does?

Video brought to the Bubba-tron courtesy of Weasel Zippers:

Clinton started the “even I couldn’t have fixed this economy in four years” pitch at the Dem convention, and he doesn’t look like he believes a word of it. Do you recall being offered the “**Lower sea levels, lower deficits, free everything and global harmony will take longer than four years to achieve — your Hope & Change™ mileage may vary” disclaimer in 2008? Clinton’s 2008 convention speech in which he endorsed Obama offered no such “it’s going to take two terms to fix this” warning.

Almost four years ago, President Obama certainly seemed to think a one-term recovery was possible, so much so that he understood his presidency would be at stake if it didn’t happen:

Clinton says Obama has taken the country in the right direction. Here’s where we stand today:

–The national debt has increased over $5 trillion dollars since Obama took office. The national debt now exceeds $16 trillion. The federal government has just hit its fourth straight trillion-dollar budget deficit.

–There are fewer people working today than when Obama took office.

–The price of a gallon of gas is at least double what it was the day Obama took office.

–Food stamp use is at a record high.

–Median household income is down almost 5 percent since Obama took office.

–Food prices have jumped the most in 36 years.

–The official unemployment rate is 8.3 percent. It was 7.8 percent when Obama took office.

–The labor force participation rate is now the lowest it has been since 1981.

–If the labor force was the same size it was when Obama took office, the unemployment rate would be 11.2 percent.

–Poverty remains stuck at record levels

As Bill might say, it depends on what your definition of “right direction” is.

**Written by Doug Powers

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