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Eastwood: My convention message was simply ‘don’t idolize politicians, they work for you’

By Doug Powers  •  September 15, 2012 01:49 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

In Clint Eastwood’s first TV interview since his RNC convention speech (he previously gave a print interview to a local paper in California), the actor was naturally asked about the reaction to his “empty chair” speech in Tampa:

When asked if he regretted his speech, Eastwood shook his head. Then, when told that Mitt Romney had enjoyed the speech, Eastwood shared that the GOP nominee has a much better sense of humor than he’s often given credit for.

Eastwood said he hadn’t meant to be disrespectful in his speech — a criticism that keeps popping up in discussions of his presentation — but noted that people often end up insulting one another in politics. His message, he said, is that you don’t have to “idolize” people in politics — they’re here to work for you.

Eastwood’s appearance at the convention resonated with so many because of its simple “if somebody’s not doing the job you’ve got to let ‘em go” theme along with the reminder that the government should work for the people, not the other way around. Those who find comfort in the notion that a government that is all-powerful, intrusive and unaccountable puts it in the best position to be able to take care of everyone didn’t like what he said or how he presented it, but Eastwood seems to understand that and doesn’t appear to be bothered by it in the least:

Eastwood said not to idolize politicians — but does he also think it’s ill-advised to deify them? I’d imagine so.

**Written by Doug Powers

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