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Obama deputy campaign manager cites Chinese state media to rap Romney

By Doug Powers  •  September 15, 2012 09:49 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Stephanie Cutter is at it yet again.

From Politico:

In a Friday tweet, Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter cited the official state news agency of the Chinese Communist Party — prompting a Republican pile-on.

Cutter linked to a Reuters report about a strongly worded anti-Mitt Romney editorial in the state-run Xinhua news agency — a piece that accused the GOP nominee of wanting to spark a trade war, and hypocrisy in his business dealings. Cutter called it a “must read.”

“It is rather ironic that a considerable portion of this China-battering politician’s wealth was actually obtained by doing business with Chinese companies before he entered politics,” Xinhua wrote about Romney.

As soon as KNCA issues their opinions about Romney, I’m sure Cutter will forward it along to her Twitter followers as well.


According to our source checker, citing Chinese state media as if it’s an outlet that can be trusted to deliver the truth is a ridiculous thing to do. While perhaps being a notch above MSNBC on the objectivity rankings, Cutter’s Chinese state media citation still earns a laughability rating of four Maos:


**Written by Doug Powers

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