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Mass. Senate debate video: Scott Brown challenges Elizabeth Warren about alleged Native American heritage

By Doug Powers  •  September 21, 2012 09:53 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

At last night’s Massachusetts Senate debate, Scott Brown asked Elizabeth Warren (aka “Fauxcahontas” aka “Dances With Identity Theft”) how voters could trust her character after she’s lied about having Cherokee Indian heritage. Warren stuck to her previous “hey, that’s what my family told me” response.

From the Boston Globe:

Republican US Senator Scott Brown questioned Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren’s claim of Native American heritage in the opening moments of a lively high-stakes television debate tonight.

When moderator Jon Keller asked if character was an issue in the race, Brown answered, “I think character is important. … Professor Warren claimed she was a Native American, a person of color. And as you can see, she’s not.”

Warren responded that she had learned of her heritage from stories told by her family.

“When I was growing up, these were the stories I knew about my heritage,” she said.

She also said that when her mother and father wanted to get married, her father’s family said no because “my mother was part Delaware and part Cherokee.”

“This is my family, this is who I am, and it’s not going to change,” said Warren.

The “because that’s what I was told as a child” thing isn’t a valid excuse. One time I tried to get out of a speeding ticket by claiming full federal protection under the Migratory Bird Protection Act because my parents used to tell me I was delivered to them by a stork, and I got laughed out of court.

Here’s a clip of the “You’re not a Cherokee” “Yes I am, sorta” exchange from the debate. Judging from the way Warren emphatically bobs her head to and fro and side to side as she talks, there might not be any Cherokee, but there’s definitely some parakeet:

Update: Another subject that was discussed was the cost of education:

Brown generally had better lines. He said Warren was “obsessed with raising taxes,” told her to “stop scaring women,” mocked her “nuanced approach” on Iran, bluntly said she was “not telling the truth” about her consulting for an insurance company to help deny benefits to victims of asbestos poisoning, and said she was not helping to keep higher education costs down by being paid over $300,000 “to teach one class” at Harvard Law School.

(Video h/t Allahpundit at Hot Air)

**Written by Doug Powers

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