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Dem fundraiser: Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi would love to have you for lunch

By Doug Powers  •  September 24, 2012 01:02 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

The Dems were originally going to offer “win lunch with Harry Reid’s sources on Romney’s taxes,” but then they learned their base doesn’t like to dine alone.

From HuffPo:

Former Vice President Al Gore has been entirely absent from President Barack Obama’s campaign this year and was nowhere to be seen at the Democratic National Convention earlier this month. But it appears he’s ready to resurface and help out his party.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced Saturday that people who donate money to it could **win a free trip to New York City, and lunch with Gore and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“Vice President Al Gore is joining me for lunch in New York … Will you join us?” Pelosi says in the DCCC email. “We’ll cover hotel and travel for you and a friend. You just have to figure out who you will bring!”

If the Dems really wanted to rake in the cash, they’d go about this a little differently: Enter everybody in the country, and people must pay $3 to get out of the drawing. Cha-ching!

(**Prize disclaimer: Ride in Mr. Gore’s private jet or limo fleet not included. Winner obligated to purchase a minimum of one hundred (100) carbon credits from Mr. Gore.
Rep. Pelosi will not pass along stock tips or offer advice on Botox and eye lifts or respond favorably to attempts at lunch-related humor from Winner, such as “a hot dog is like the health care bill — you have to bite into it to find out what kind of s*#t is in it.”
For medical reasons, Mr. Gore’s doctors have advised him to adhere to a consistent, high-calorie diet, so if the former vice president should say “you gonna finish that?” while taking food from Winner’s plate, it is the obligation of Winner to nod in the affirmative like that’s nothing out of the ordinary.
If Rep. Pelosi and/or Mr. Gore should excuse themselves to go to “go take a call” but never return, it is Winner’s responsibility to pick up the lunch check. The restaurant will accept the same credit card Winner used to pay Mr. Gore for the carbon credits.)

**Written by Doug Powers

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