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Hillary: On second thought, there’s a possibility the Benghazi consulate attack on the 9/11 anniversary was connected to Al Qaeda

By Doug Powers  •  September 27, 2012 11:39 AM

**Written by Doug Powers


As you’ll read shortly, the administration knew the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benhazi, Libya was a planned terrorist event with possible ties to Al Qaeda almost from the start (anyone who didn’t put “terrorist attack” at the top of their list of suspicions for why a U.S. ambassador and three others were assassinated on the anniversary of 9/11 isn’t qualified to serve in any national security capacity up to and including “school crossing guard”).

Hillary Clinton is, however, just now acting like she’s starting to speak out as if those memos are starting to trickle in:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested the deadly consulate attack in Libya involved the Al Qaeda affiliate in North Africa, going further than any other Obama administration official in acknowledging the assault was the work of hardened terrorists.

Clinton was speaking Wednesday to foreign leaders gathered at a meeting convened by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to address the threat of extremism in the region.

“Now with a larger safe haven and increased freedom to maneuver, terrorists are seeking to extend their reach and their networks in multiple directions,” Clinton told the group, according to a New York Times report. “And they are working with other violent extremists to undermine the democratic transitions under way in North Africa, as we tragically saw in Benghazi.”

It wasn’t the first time Clinton had referred to the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, as a terrorist attack. But her reference to the group Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb was notable, especially as President Obama still has yet to publicly refer to the attack as terrorism.

It has been over two weeks since U.S. intelligence knew mere hours after the consulate murders that it was a terrorist attack suspected to be tied to Al Qaeda. In spite of that, the administration put terrorism on the back burner to instead push the “it was because of the video” lie:

The account conflicts with claims on the Sunday after the attack by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice that the administration believed the strike was a “spontaneous” event triggered by protests in Egypt over an anti-Islam film.

Two senior U.S. officials said the Obama administration internally labeled the attack terrorism from the first day in order to unlock and mobilize certain resources to respond, and that officials were looking for one specific suspect.

It’s also being reported that the FBI still hasn’t received permission to go to Benghazi to investigate, and the crime scene isn’t yet secure. More:

“They had difficulty, and we understand there was some bureaucratic infighting between the FBI and Justice Department on the one hand, and the State Department on the other, and so it took them longer than they would have liked to get into country. They’ve now gotten there. But they still are unable to get permission to go to Benghazi.”

FBI agents have made a request through the U.S. State Department for the crime scene to be secured, Townsend said, but that has not happened.

“The senior law enforcement official I spoke to said, ‘If we get there now, it’s not clear that it will be of any use to us,'” Townsend said.

The FBI team has conducted interviews of State Department and U.S. government personnel who were in Libya at the time of the attack, Townsend said, but the FBI’s request to directly question individuals who Libyan authorities have in custody was denied.

If the crime scene isn’t secured yet it never will be because by now it’s nearly as corrupted as the collective history of Chicago politics.

On the campaign trail Mitt Romney said “I think they [Obama administration] want to do their very best to keep the people of America from understanding what happened.” So far the Obama administration has done little to prove otherwise. Quite the opposite, if anything.

Flashback to a time not long ago before the great unraveling:

**Written by Doug Powers

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