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Video of ad starring Samuel L. Jackson: ‘Wake the f–k up! Vote for Obama!’

By Doug Powers  •  September 27, 2012 06:55 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

A couple of weeks ago we knew the ad was on the way, and here it is below — bleeped for your protection.

Who can save the country from Republicans ridding the country of civil rights, Paul Ryan pushing old people off a cliff, Mitt Romney sending all our jobs to China and public funding cuts to abortion providers? A little girl waking the neighborhood by shouting obscenities from an open window:

Wow… in 2008 the pitch for Obama promised the harmonic convergence of “Hope and Change.” In 2012 that’s become “Hey! You two had a bake sale for Obama in 2008… where are you now, mo&@#*%$@#*rs!?”

Naturally there’s an accompanying website. Soon fans of the president will be able to wear their “Wake the F–k Up” jackets over their “Still a Big F-in Deal” t-shirts as a way of proudly telling the world “I sure hope treatment for my profanity addiction is covered under Obamacare!”

These ended up on the cutting room floor:



Trivia: Samuel L. Jackson became an Obama fan in 2008 after sitting down with the then presidential candidate for an in depth chat while promoting a movie (photo of that meeting here).

Update: Where do “ObamaPhones” come from?

**Written by Doug Powers

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