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Al Sharpton: Obama’s got this election locked up because his Halloween masks are out-selling Romney’s

By Doug Powers  •  September 29, 2012 02:45 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Put a fork in Mitt, because he’s done — according to Al Sharpton:

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After that segment the Obama mask was safely returned to the Hope chest of a concerned and protective Chris Matthews.

This is what Sharpton was referring to:

If sales of presidential-candidate Halloween masks were votes, Barack Obama would have the November election in the bag.

As of this week, according to Spirit Halloween, one of the largest costume retailers in the country, the president is leading with 64 percent of its nationwide mask sales – 63 percent in California – against Mitt Romney.

The New Jersey company, which has 1,000 stores in the United States (41 in Northern California) and in Canada, has been predicting presidential elections since 1996 with searing accuracy based on its Presidential Index. The methodology is simple: He or she who sells the most masks wins.
But it isn’t crazy talk, said Lisa Barr, Spirit Halloween’s senior marketing director. The percentages on election day may not be the same as store sales, but, she said, “we pride ourselves on accurately predicting the race.”

Barr chuckled as she admitted that no, the Presidential Index isn’t scientific. Still, there’s no arguing with the company’s stellar record. In 1996, 71 percent of the presidential-candidate masks sold were of Bill Clinton, compared with Bob Dole’s 29 percent. George W. Bush sold 57 percent against Al Gore in 2000 and then 65 percent against John Kerry in 2004. Obama sold 60 percent against John McCain in 2008.

The Halloween mask method of prediction is wildly unscientific, sure, but still probably more reliable than many mainstream polls we’ve seen this year.

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**Written by Doug Powers

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