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Romney won by more than a nose

By Doug Powers  •  October 6, 2012 12:38 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

It was all the buzz late in the week: Did Mitt Romney have a cheat sheet at the debate? Specifically, Romney was accused of using a handkerchief sporting keywords that would somehow make President Obama look unprepared.

Here’s the video that was circulating among the conspiracy theorists — the Zapruder film of 2012 that kicked off the Magic Hanky theory:

The “cheat sheet” was actually just a handkerchief that Romney was trying so hard to hide that he wiped his nose with it on camera.

The search for any excuse for President Obama’s performance, or lack thereof, focused everywhere except where it should have: on President Obama (Leno on the debate’s high viewership: The only person who didn’t tune in was Obama). A cheat sheet is the corked bat of the sport of debate, but because Obama issued Romney four walks in Mitt’s big victory Wednesday night it would have been irrelevant anyway. Romney won by way more than just a nose.

If Romney wins the election, the first debate may be considered to have been the turning point. The accusation of cheating has been proven to be untrue, but a few are still clinging to the conspiracy, perhaps scratching their heads until the wee hours of the morning wondering how a politician they believed had the ability to control the level of the oceans, the power to bring the entire world together as one and who singlehandedly took out the world’s most wanted terrorist got so resoundingly defeated by a hanky. Suffice to say, Chris Matthews’ therapist is working overtime this weekend:

Now that the hanky theory is dying down as an excuse Obama lost the debate, it’s being replaced by another explanation: He’s just too awesome.

**Written by Doug Powers

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