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DWS: Just because the administration put out stories about Benghazi that proved to be wrong doesn’t mean they were false at the time they were told

By Doug Powers  •  October 11, 2012 11:15 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Did you follow that title? Me neither, but it was the best I could do as far as summing up Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s attempt to cover for the Obama administration’s spin on the Benghazi attack that’s still unraveling like a giant ball of yarn at a photo shoot for Cat Fancy Magazine’s clowder-mania issue. Appearing on CNN with Piers Morgan, DWS proved something that anybody who’s ever been stuck in quicksand already knows: flailing will only cause you to sink deeper:

Partial transcript from RCP:

Morgan: What?! Now wait a minute. If you put out a false statement, then it’s false, it’s wrong. It’s both of those things.

Wasserman Schultz: But you’re suggesting that it’s … Piers, what you’re suggesting is that it was somehow deliberate. It was not deliberate. What they did was it was important to get information out that they had at the time. And they did that. And as they learned more information, they corrected the original information that they put out. But there was nothing sinister here. This was simply the president of the United States and the administration making sure that we did a careful investigation, gave the American people the information that they needed at the time that we had based on our best intelligence and then as more intelligence was gathered we gave the updated information. There is nothing sinister about that.

Forget that US intelligence knew it was a terrorist attack almost immediately and the State Department is now saying they never concluded the attack was related to protest over a video, all while Susan Rice and Jay Carney spent subsequent hours and days telling the public exactly that. It took Hillary Clinton about two weeks to admit it was a planned terrorist attack.

Even if it wasn’t deliberate, is pleading sheer incompetence with just over three weeks until America heads to the polls really suppose to reassure the electorate?

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**Written by Doug Powers

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