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Obama on what Biden needs to do to win tonight’s debate: Joe just needs to be Joe; Updated

By Doug Powers  •  October 11, 2012 02:18 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Has Biden been paying attention enough to know his boss is probably the last person in the country he should be taking debate advice from right now? We’ll see:

President Barack Obama has offered his take on the debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan, saying “Joe just needs to be Joe.”

Obama offered his remark to in an interview with ABC News on the eve of Thursday night’s vice presidential debate.

I’m assuming Obama means Joe just needs to be Joe, except without the “middle class has been buried the last four years,” “it’s a depression for millions of Americans” and the “trillion dollar tax increase” fits of honesty.


Update: This photo from the debate pretty much sums up Biden’s whole strategy:


If you watched the debate, it was obvious Biden was instructed to laugh and fidget during Paul Ryan’s responses by remembering a dirty joke or something. Maybe Biden doesn’t recall a similar strategy harmed Al Gore in 2000.

Also: Biden contradicts State Department on Benghazi security. He was too busy generating mock laughter to focus on facts.

**Written by Doug Powers

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