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Vice President Jerk: The return of Smirky Malarkey McSmirk

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 11, 2012 11:22 PM

Just caught up on the vice presidential debate after speaking at a wonderful gathering of the life-saving Vitae Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri.

My immediate reaction to the showdown: What’s new?

Pundits and news anchors are expressing post-debate shock at how smirky, condescending and arrogant Vice President Joe Biden was tonight. They buzzed on Twitter at his “malarkey” rebuke of Paul Ryan’s foreign policy criticism.

But this is all old, tired recycled behavior and rhetoric from the last election cycle. Remember? Go back and read my VP debate thread from 2008. It was titled: Sarah vs. Smirky. Go back to 2008, when Biden derided Sarah Palin for her “malarkey” about Bill Ayers.

Tonight, just as in 2008, Biden sighed.

But more significantly, Biden bald-facedly lied.

In other words: Biden was…Biden.

While his theatrics may mollify partisan Obama-bots looking for more aggression after the president’s Empty Podium Day in the first debate, undecided voters were turned off. What the Left perceived as “assertive” came across to uncommitted voters as asinine.

Ryan defended Romney vigorously and earnestly, spoke powerfully for life, and shredded Biden on entitlements, Medicare, and Obamacare.

Ryan held his own, told the truth, and showed dignity and class.

Smirky Malarkey McSmirk, on the other hand, was his own worst enemy.


The Great One, Mark Levin, weighs in: Biden was off his meds.

Update (DP): It didn’t take the GOP long to prepare a “laughing Joe” ad (h/t Joyanna Adams):

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