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Hillary gets tossed under the bus to provide cover for Biden, White House

By Doug Powers  •  October 12, 2012 02:57 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

At last night’s debate, Joe Biden said “we weren’t told” that the Benghazi consulate had requested additional security in the days leading up to the attack on the 9/11 anniversary. Today the White House is making sure everybody realizes that by “we,” Biden was referring only to the White House and not the administration as a whole. The ball of blame has been overhead smashed back to Hillary Clinton’s side of the court:

Ben Rhodes, President Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser for communications, extended the claim Oct. 11 by telling told Foreign Policy magazine that neither Biden nor President Barack Obama knew of the growing danger.

“Biden speaks only for himself and the president and neither of them knew about the requests at the time,” Rhodes said, according to Foreign policy.

“These kinds of issues are handled in the State Department by security officials,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said during Friday’s press briefing.

Security matters “are decided at the State Department,” he said…

And there goes Hillary under the bus. In other words, “the buck stops here with her.” Fox News’ Ed Henry discovered just that during today’s question & non-answer session with Jay Carney where Henry had to pull so many teeth he was later awarded an honorary DDS:

Meanwhile, Hillary, speaking today from under the blame bus, said the precise details of the Benghazi attack remain unclear.

We’re in the best of hands.

In spite of the ignored appeals for additional security, embassy staff around the world can take comfort in the fact that their requests for electric vehicle charging stations will receive top priority.

Quote flashback of the day:

“Well, here’s what I know, we were just talking about responsibility and as president of the United States, it’s pretty clear to me that I’m responsible for folks who are working in the federal government and you know, Harry Truman said the buck stops with you.”
–President Obama, July 2012

So it’s settled then — this is all Harry Truman’s fault.

(video h/t Buzzfeed)

**Written by Doug Powers

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