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Coincidence of the day: Head of California agency that under-reported unemployment stats an Obama donor

By Doug Powers  •  October 19, 2012 04:17 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

First, a little background from the from the Daily Caller for those of you who have been otherwise preoccupied with trying to keep from becoming unemployment statistics yourselves:

On Oct. 11, the federal government reported that weekly jobless claims were down significantly, suggesting a dramatic national increase in economic growth and a steep decline in layoffs. Jobless claims, according to the Labor Department, had fallen by 30,000 to 339,000, their lowest level since February 2008.

The good news for the Obama administration spread quickly, with outlets like CNN and Bloomberg declaring, “Jobless claims fall to four-year low.”

But within hours, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Labor Department analysts announced that one major state had failed to fully document jobless claims. They declined to name the state.
Early Thursday, the federal government finally revealed that California had, in fact, under-reported jobless data, skewing the national jobless claims results. This week’s updated jobs report corrected the error and showed unemployment claims spiking back up by 46,000 to 388,000..

With Jack Welch’s hunch pretty much confirmed, what else could there be? The Daily Caller also notes that last year California Governor Jerry Brown appointed a man named Marty Morgenstern to head the California Labor & Workforce Development Agency, which oversees the Employment Development Department that “failed to fully document” jobless claims.

Here’s the total coincidence part that will shock the hell out of you — Morgenstern’s campaign donations in 2008:


Granted, this is California we’re talking about, which means there are better odds that Jerry Brown’s Train to Nowhere will actually lead somewhere and come in under budget than of a state official who made an unemployment numbers “oversight” favorable to a Democratic administration’s re-election hopes turning out to be Republican.

Bryan Preston at PJ Media:

Why are you so suspicious? Surely it doesn’t mean anything that California’s unemployment numbers man takes up lefty union causes and donates to the president.

**Written by Doug Powers

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