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Bill Clinton: Obama would win easily if Americans weren’t so impatient

By Doug Powers  •  October 21, 2012 04:17 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Alternate headline: Former President Clinton chides Americans’ need for instant gratification, Americans snicker amongst selves

From The Blaze:

Former President Bill Clinton said Friday that President Barack Obama is locked in a tough re-election fight because of “impatient” Americans who don’t understand why the economy isn’t “totally hunky-dory again.”

Clinton was campaigning on behalf of Obama in Green Bay, Wis. and told voters to stick with the president amid growing signs of economic recovery, according to the Associated Press.

“This shouldn’t be a race,” Clinton said. “The only reason it is, is because Americans are impatient on things not made before yesterday and they don’t understand why the economy is not totally hunky-dory again.”

So take it from the poster boy for impulse control and just hold out for few more years, America. Be willing to delay your economic gratification so Team Obama can get what they want in just over two weeks.

Among those “impatient” Americans who expected voters to make a change if the economy hasn’t turned around by now? President Obama. But according to the first lady, we’re already in the midst of a “huge recovery”, so all this concern over impatience about a down economy should be a moot point.

**Written by Doug Powers

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