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Business owners stand up to Obama

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 23, 2012 11:37 AM

In USA Today yesterday, a group of American entrepreneurs and business leaders spoke out in a full-page, open letter to President Obama and to their fellow citizens.

The full text is reprinted below. The signatories are here. As Mitt Romney has told voters repeatedly during the debates and on the campaign trail, we don’t have to settle. Do the right thing!

In a campaign season marked by new lows in polarizing rhetoric, some of the most divisive has originated from the President and his allies — and has been aimed at successful people in the business sector.

These attacks are not getting us anywhere. They are really just political tricks to distract from the President’s own policy failures.

Consider for instance what the President hasn’t said. He has no solution for the staggering $16 trillion debt the nation carries — a burden his policies increase minute by minute. He won’t explain why the stimulus spending hasn’t produced the jobs recovery he predicted. His party has failed to produce a budget in nearly four years. He has no answer for investors who need fiscal stability before they can put money at risk.

Instead, his Administration has increased regulations on virtually every sector of the economy while the President maligns business achievement in his campaign stump speeches.

American free enterprise is not the problem. Free enterprise is the essence of opportunity. It employs tens of millions, generates tax revenue, and pays healthcare benefits for millions of families. It is the engine that drives new industries, products, services, and innovation.

So when the President and his aides pit Americans against one another, it is not only misguided, it is irresponsible. Americans deserve solutions, not political ploys.

Fair-minded people can differ on those solutions. But the President seems oblivious to the fact that dynamic, productive job growth comes not from government spending, but from the private sector.

How do we know? Our entire careers have been dedicated to growing businesses and creating jobs. That entrepreneurial spirit is where America’s real strength is found. The solution must come from encouraging individual initiative and rewarding innovation. It’s about teaching someone to fish, not giving fish away by the billions as this Administration thinks.

Before you vote on Election Day, think carefully about what kind of country we are creating for ourselves and coming generations. Will it be a country that demeans job-creating business owners by saying, “You didn’t build that?”

Or will it be a country that protects free enterprise and allows everyone to pursue their highest aspirations?

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