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‘Your First Time’: New Obama web ad looks like it could have been transmitted from Vladimir’s campaign

By Doug Powers  •  October 25, 2012 09:04 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

According to and AP-GfK poll, President Obama once had a 16 point lead among women, but that has since disappeared and Mitt Romney is now tied with Obama among female voters. What to do? Apparently they’ve decided to woo women back into the increasingly abandoned Hope & Change fold by equating voting for Obama to losing their virginity or something (see “Sexual Innuendo We Can Believe In” on page 17 of the 20-page plan for Obama’s 2nd term).

Here’s a new video from the Obama campaign’s YouTube channel called “Your First Time”:

Is it a good idea for a campaign to equate voting for their candidate to getting screwed? Maybe not, but credit where credit is due — it might be one of their most metaphorically honest political ads in quite some time. And speaking of credit, a suggested Romney response ad would be “do you want your ‘first time’ to be with someone who rang up tens of thousands of dollars in debt to your Visa card when you weren’t looking?”

Okay, by now you might be wondering where Vladimir comes into play here. It’s come to my attention that the above ad could have found its inspiration in other parts of the world. Obama has had enough information transmitted to Vladimir, and now it looks as if some might have been transmitted from him. Putin had a very similar ad running heading into an election in Russia earlier this year. Video found on Twitter via @JayCaruso and @AndyDarnell:

There’s another similar Putin ad at the Foreign Policy blog.

**Written by Doug Powers

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