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“First Time:” The Democrats’ “lady parts” jump the shark

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 26, 2012 10:14 AM


Liberal journalists in the tank for Obama are claiming that conservatives are “outraged” and “enraged” by Hollywood femme Lena Dunham’s campaign ad comparing her “first time” voting for Obama with losing her virginity.

You can watch the video and see all the starlets a-Twitter over the ad here. Doug Powers weighed in last night.

I’m not “outraged.” I’m bored.

These privileged young Democrat celebs haven’t stopped yapping and giggling about birth control and their swoon-worthy birth control supplier in the White House all year.


They’ve demanded RESPECT! and wheedled about the “war on women” while dressed as giant VAGINAS!. They’ve demeaned themselves by parroting bald-faced lies about Planned Parenthood and turning everything — everything — into an excuse to talk about sex and their bodies and their entitlements to our money to pay for it. We conservative women who actually challenge their arguments are then cast as mean mommies who “bully” and “stalk.”

Grow up already.

$16 trillion in debt. 8 percent unemployment. Benghazi. Bastion. Fast and Furious. Delphi. Solyndra. And the Obama campaign is seriously pimping an elite young filmmaker/actress’s indulgent ad gushing about Obama’s big hands, her birth control, and Lilly Ledbetter?


As Twitchy readers and Twitter followers know, we’ve been exposing the “lady parts” vapidity of the Hollywood Girls’ Club for Obama 24/7.

The Dunham ad is the lady parts’ brigades jump-the-shark moment — the ultimate trivialization of women’s issues. It is a damning indictment of the Obama campaign’s failed strategy that they have desperately sought last-ditch help from a self-absorbed, Sandra Fluke soul sister while the Republic crumbles.

Psssst. Liberal ladies and Obama strategists. Get your heads out of your lady parts.

It’s not working.


Here’s a reminder of MY message to women:

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