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Romney ad: Vote for revenge or love of country?

By Doug Powers  •  November 4, 2012 10:44 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

On Friday, President Obama went back in time nearly two decades and told an audience that in 1994 then Senate candidate Mitt Romney said Bill Clinton’s plan would hurt the economy. The crowd booed at the mention of the Romney name, and Obama said “don’t boo, vote — voting’s the best revenge.”

Are we being asked to cast our ballots on Tuesday as a vendetta against something Mitt Romney’s said in 1994? “Forward™!” The Obama campaign said the “revenge” comment was in the context of voting against Romney’s “scare tactics.” Anything to avoid advising people to vote based on their judgment of the last four years.

In any case, Romney responded, and that response is now in the form of a campaign ad:

FYI: The Obama campaign slogan has been updated accordingly.

**Written by Doug Powers

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