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Elizabeth Warren campaign seeks donations to cover $400k debt for 'last minute pizza and coffee'

By Doug Powers  •  December 10, 2012 05:15 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

The Warren campaign brought in $42 million in donations, the most of any House or Senate candidate in the country, but Fauxcahontas wouldn’t have proven herself fully qualified to join Congress the if she hadn’t spent more than she brought in. Mission accomplished… with extra cheese:

In an e-mail to supporters, the senator-elect from Massachusetts revealed that her campaign is in debt and asked for donations to help her out of the hole. Though she did not disclose the sum in her e-mail, a campaign official said Warren owes $400,000.

So how did a record fund-raiser end up in red ink?

Warren’s academic research has demonstrated that personal bankruptcy often stems from job loss, divorce, and catastrophic illness. In the case of her campaign, she is blaming pepperoni and mushrooms.

“Thousands more volunteers showed up — and that meant even more last-minute coffee and pizza,” Warren wrote, listing only that food and that beverage as the cause of the shortfall.

An inability to properly budget for coffee and pizza will make Dances With Campaign Debt the perfect Senator-elect to take a seat on the Banking Committee.

In reality, printing, mail, legal and accounting were the bulk of Warren’s debt, but “pizza” is much easier to convince people to chip in for than ink cartridges and stamps.

But if Warren wanted to retire that “pizza” debt effectively, why didn’t she just email supporters and claim she didn’t order that?

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**Written by Doug Powers

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