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Michael Bloomberg brings the funny: I have a responsibility to not force anybody to do anything

By Doug Powers  •  January 17, 2013 11:20 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Advisory: Before reading Michael Bloomberg’s statement below, you might want to open an umbrella to protect yourself from the accompanying downpour of “I know better than you” elitism that can only come from someone owning eleven homes who is trying to figure out a way for everybody else to live in apartments the size of Altoids boxes.

It’s clear that the mayor of New York City doesn’t consider himself to be one of the nation’s foremost nanny-staters, but rather an incredibly intrusive libertarian:

“As an American, and as a human being, I have a responsibility to not push — to not force anybody to do anything but to explain what I think and to educate people to the extent of what I believe that would be in their self-interest. And I think there are certain — lots of kinds of dangerous activities — if you want to do it, they may be things that I wouldn’t choose to do, but I would protect your rights to do that.”

Bloomberg believes the only thing he’s forcing people to do is understand what’s best for them. It’s government’s highest duty.

I looked up “self interest” in the dictionary, and darn if Bloomers isn’t correct:


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**Written by Doug Powers

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