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CNN: SWAT team surrounds cabin where Chris Dorner is believed barricaded; Updated

By Doug Powers  •  February 12, 2013 07:49 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

The manhunt for Chris Dorner may be nearing an end in the San Bernardino mountains in California. Twitchy is staying on it and has the latest here.

From the Associated Press:

A fugitive ex-Los Angeles police officer sought in three killings was believed barricaded in a cabin Tuesday after a furious gunbattle with police in the snow-covered mountains of Southern California, authorities said, the culmination of an intensive manhunt that left a region on edge for nearly a week.

Two officers were injured and were being airlifted to a hospital, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said. The extent of their injuries wasn’t known.

Officers have been swarming the snow-covered Big Bear region since Thursday, when they found the burned-out pickup truck of Christopher Dorner. The former Navy reservist killed a former police captain’s daughter and her fiance and a Riverside officer, and injured two other officers, police said, promising to bring “warfare” to Los Angeles police and their family members.

In the time since the above story was release it’s been reported that unfortunately one of the deputies has died. The other officer who was shot is expected to survive.

CNN reported that Dorner is alone in his current location, and a SWAT team has moved in. Aerial video shot from a distance now shows dark smoke and flames rising from the location.

Here’s a screen grab from the CBS-LA live video feed:


It’s still unclear if Dorner is in that cabin or if he has escaped and is elsewhere in the vicinity.

Believe it or not, Dorner has a group of supporters, and some of them are reported to be showing up in the area of the standoff with “don’t kill Dorner” signs.

Update: KCAL is reporting that a body, presumably Dorner’s, has been removed from the burned-out cabin.

**Written by Doug Powers

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