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Keep Colorado free: State GOP lawmakers plan filibuster on gun-grab bills; Update: Concealed carry campus ban dies before vote

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 8, 2013 10:18 AM

As I noted last night on Twitter, the Colorado state Senate is gearing up for a potential GOP filibuster marathon over radical gun-grabbing bills being promoted and pushed by out-of-staters. The action starts at 9am Mountain time.

KDVR reports:

Interested people across Colorado and around the country will be focused on the state Senate Friday, when lawmakers are set to debate seven Democratic gun control proposals, four of which have already passed the House.

A word of advice: get comfortable.

Senate Republicans are planning a Rand Paul-esque filibuster on the legislation that could push the floor debate on the seven bills, which begins Friday at 9 a.m., into Saturday and possibly even Sunday.
It’s a high-stakes battle for many individual lawmakers, facing intense pressure from constituents in divided districts, and for advocates on both sides of this national debate over guns.

Follow #coleg and @ColoSenGOP for live tweets. Twitchy will have full coverage.


Update: GREAT NEWS for gun owners, 2A supporters, and especially women.

The sponsor of a bill banning concealed weapons on college campuses plans to kill his measure Friday, Democrats have confirmed.

Four Democratic sources close to the matter said the bill’s sponsor, Rollie Heath, D-Boulder, plans to kill the bill and it won’t be brought up for debate on the Senate floor.

House Bill 1226 already cleared the House and a Senate committee earlier this week amid controversial comments made by a House Democrat and one Sens. Lucia Guzman and Pat Steadman talk before what is expected to be a lengthy session on seven gun bills on Friday, March 8, 2013. (Joe Amon, The Denver Post)
in the Senate about rape on college campuses.

Republicans have hammered Democrats over the rape remarks, jeopardizing a bill that already was in trouble. Two Democratic senators had openly said they were against it, Republicans needed only one more Democratic to kill the measure.



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