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Goracle: Profit not the reason I sold Current TV to Oil-Jazeera

By Doug Powers  •  March 12, 2013 04:28 PM

**Written by Doug Powers


At SXSW, Al Gore accused the NRA of being a “complete fraud because it is financed by the gun manufacturers.” (Jung would have had a field day with this guy)

At the same event, the Goracle was questioned about they hypocrisy of selling Current to oil-backed Al-Jazeera, for which he reportedly raked in somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 percent of the $500 million selling price. Gore was much more forgiving of himself, essentially saying he decided to personally bank their $100 million because of… journalistic integrity:

“You just sold your TV network to Al Jazeera, which is owned by a government and that government is basically a big — nothing but an oil producer,” journalist Walt Mossberg asked Gore.

“Gas mainly, and oil, yes,” Gore said.

“And they’re producing exactly the kind of fuel you think is a terrible danger to the planet. How could you do that?”

“Okay, I knew when I made that decision with my partners — I had obligations to my investors, but that didn’t drive the decision,” Gore said. “I knew that my principle obligation was to do business in a way that makes the world a better place.”

“You have heard me be very critical of American television journalism,” Gore said.

“I think that the addition of a very high-quality, 24-7, honest-to-goodness news channel that covers international news as well as national — that covers climate, that covers poverty, that cover issues that are ignored today — has the potential to be disruptive in a creative and positive way, and raise the game for television journalism here in the United State of America,” he said.

Using this logic the only thing gun manufacturers and the NRA would need to do to make it okay for Gore to do business with them is start a 24/7 “honest to goodness” news channel… funded by Middle East oil.

So far I’ve been unable to confirm the rumor that Al charged SXSW attendees $50 apiece to see the scar from his compunction bypass surgery.

Related story: Sen. Dianne Feinstein unavailable for comment about all this.

**Written by Doug Powers

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