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Sarah Palin sends not-so-secret coded message to Michael Bloomberg

By Doug Powers  •  March 16, 2013 07:19 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

At CPAC today, Sarah Palin had something to say to Michael Bloomberg:


Unfortunately, Bloomberg wasn’t watching because this weekend he’s riding with his city health department officers and filming the premiere episode of the new reality drama “Real Stories of the Ear Bud Patrol,” but maybe somebody will tell him about it.

Twitchy has video of Sarah’s speech along with more pics and commentary.

I’m off to a St. Patrick’s Day eve party now, so consider this an overnight open thread. I should be back by late morning tomorrow as long as wherever I wake up has a computer and Internet service.

Update: The left is pointing out that Bloomberg’s “ban” didn’t include Big Gulps because convenience stores were exempt, which means Palin’s ignorant or something. Actually, nothing has been banned, because a judge slapped down Bloomberg’s large sugary soda grab. The Big Gulp is the most recognizable symbol of large sodas, which is the focus of Bloomberg’s crusade, and I imagine that’s why Palin used that cup instead of one that says “Joe’s Deli” on it. Besides, if New York’s Nanny ultimately has his way, the law will include 7-11′s and other grocery stores. The only reason Bloomberg isn’t banning sugared Big Gulps isn’t because he won’t, it’s because he can’t for reasons of jurisdiction. So yes, I’d say the Big Gulp is a fair representation of Bloomberg’s crusade. Just because something hasn’t technically been outlawed yet doesn’t mean it can’t be used to symbolize the effort to do so.

Update II: Lady Liberty.

**Written by Doug Powers

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