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Bloomberg: You’re not going to be able to maintain your privacy, so just deal with it

By Doug Powers  •  March 24, 2013 03:44 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

It’s hardly a surprise that somebody who believes he has the authority to regulate the size of your soda cup would be so passive about the subject of personal privacy (yours, not his).

From Business Insider:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg considers the domestic use of military-style drones “scary” but says that there is no way to stop it.

“Everybody wants their privacy, but I don’t know how you’re going to maintain it,” Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show. “It’s just we’re going into a different world, uncharted, and, like it or not, what people can do, what governments can do, is different … you can’t keep the tides from coming in.”

Bloomberg’s “you can’t keep the tides from coming in” comment is a little ironic, considering he endorsed a president based in part on his promise to slow the rise of the oceans.

In the future Bloomberg believes there will be interest in closely monitoring almost everything, with the possible exception of his radio show, known to some locals as “Nannyside Chats”:

Bonus Nanny coverage:

On Meet the Press, Bloomberg announced he’s spending $12 million on gun control ads in ten states.

With that in mind, let’s close with a Bloomberg flashback from the New York Times via @Drudge_Report:

Guns are largely forbidden in Bermuda — even most police officers do not use them — but the mayor’s guards have special permission to carry weapons. A spokesman for the Police Department declined to comment.

If guns are forbidden in Bermuda, why would Bloomberg’s guards need them? Bloomberg probably never bothers to ask himself that question on the off chance he might feel compelled to answer it honestly.

**Written by Doug Powers

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