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Better late than never: New York Times confirms Andrew Breitbart on Pigford scandal

By Doug Powers  •  April 26, 2013 01:53 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Pigs do fly.

Glenn Reynolds writes: “Better late to the story than never, I guess.”

Two and a half years late as it were.

Will the New York Times also be accused of being in on a stupid conspiracy theory?

At CPAC in 2011, Breitbart explained what was going on (video via Mandy Nagy at Legal Insurrection):

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8YBXrxgOpo?feature=player_embedded&w=416&h=254]

More details:

The New York Times reported Friday that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has likely enabled massive fraud in the Pigford series of legal settlements, in which black, Hispanic, female and Native American farmers have claimed to be victims of past discrimination.

The cost of the settlements, which could exceed $4.4 billion, is the result of a process that “became a runaway train, driven by racial politics, pressure from influential members of Congress and law firms that stand to gain more than $130 million in fees,” the Times notes.

Among those influential members of Congress was then-Senator Barack Obama, who made Pigford payouts a priority in exchange for political support for his 2008 presidential campaign among a coveted group of black voters in the rural South, the Times reports.

As president, Obama continued to support payouts for new groups of claimants while abandoning a review process that had been used to fight fraud. The aim was “buying the support” of minorities, according to the Times, while middlemen created a “cottage industry” in defrauding the government.

The rest of that article is here.

Update: Ace adds a good point:

I put off reporting this because I didn’t know how to write it– Andrew’s vindicated because the New York Times confesses the story is true? Why should I give the NYT that power to arbitrate what is true or not?

It was just as true yesterday, before the NYT finally reported it.

So I don’t want to feed this lunatic idea that the NYT decides what the truth is.

But in this case, it’s a leftist outlet making an admission against its interest, as they’d say in court, and therefore having an indicator of credibility.


In a somewhat related story, congrats to Michelle for winning the 2013 Breitbart Award for Excellence in Journalism!

**Written by Doug Powers

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