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The crucifixion of Jason Richwine; Update: Richwine resigns

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 9, 2013 05:54 PM


The crucifixion of Jason Richwine
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2013

How low will supporters of the Gang of Eight immigration bill go to get their way? This low: They’ve shamelessly branded an accomplished, Ivy League-trained quantitative analyst a “racist” and will stop at nothing to destroy his career as they pave their legislative path to another massive illegal alien benefits bonanza.

Jason Richwine works for the conservative Heritage Foundation. He’s a Harvard University Ph.D. who co-authored a study that pegs the cost of the Ted Kennedy Memorial Open Borders Act 2.0 legislation at $6.3 trillion. Lead author Robert Rector is senior research fellow at Heritage, a former Office of Personnel Management analyst, and the intellectual godfather of welfare reform. He holds a master’s degree in political science from Johns Hopkins University.

Both Democrats and Republicans leaped to discredit the 102-page report without bothering to read it. The Washington Post falsely claimed the study did not take into account increased revenues from amnestied illegal alien workers. It did. Haley Barbour immediately proclaimed that the Heritage assessment of government costs incurred by amnestied illegal aliens was “not serious.”

They want to talk gravitas? Let’s talk gravitas. Blowhard Barbour is a career politician and paid lobbyist for the government of Mexico who has carried water for open borders since the Bush years. Richwine received his doctorate in public policy in 2009 from Harvard University’s prestigious Kennedy School of Government. He holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and political science from American University. Before joining Heritage in 2010, he worked at the American Enterprise Institute on a dissertation fellowship.

Richwine’s 166-page dissertation, “IQ and Immigration Policy,” is now being used to smear him – and by extension, all of Heritage’s scholarship – as “racist.” While the punditocracy and political establishment sanctimoniously call for “honest discussions” on race, they rush to crush bona fide, dispassionate academic inquiries into the controversial subjects of intelligence, racial and ethnic differences, and domestic policy.

Richwine’s entire thesis, “IQ and Immigration Policy,” is now online here. Part One reviews the science of IQ. Part Two delves into empirical research comparing IQs of the native-born American population with that of immigrant groups, with the Hispanic population broken out. Richwine explores the causes of an immigrant IQ deficit that appears to persist among Hispanic immigrants to the U.S. through several generations.

The thesis analyzes social policy consequences of these findings and uses a model of the labor market “to show how immigrant IQ affects the economic surplus accruing to natives and the wage impact on low-skill natives.”

The smug dismissal of Richwine’s credentials and scholarship is to be expected by liberal hacks and clown operatives. But a reckless and cowardly pile-up of knee-jerk dilettantes on the Right — including former McCain campaign co-chair Ana Navarro and conservative Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin – have joined the character assassins of the Soros-sphere, MSNBC, and Mother Jones in deeming Richwine a “racist.” The drooling attack dogs of far Left blog Daily Kos have now launched a pressure campaign against the JFK School demanding to know “why the school awarded Richwine a PhD and what they plan to do in the future to prevent it from happening again.”

No researcher or academic institution is safe if this smear campaign succeeds. Richwine’s dissertation committee at Harvard included George Borjas, Robert W. Scrivner Professor of Economics and Social Policy. The Cuban-born scholar received his PhD in economics from Columbia. He is an award-winning labor economist, National Bureau of Economic Research research associate, and author of countless books, including a widely used labor economics textbook now in its sixth edition.

Richard J. Zeckhauser, the Frank P. Ramsey Professor of Political Economy at JFK, also signed off on Richwine’s dissertation. Zeckhauser earned a PhD in economics from Harvard. He belongs to the Econometric Society, the American Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of Medicine (National Academy of Sciences).

The final member of the committee that approved Richwine’s “racist” thesis is Christopher Jencks, the Malcolm Wiener Professor of Social Policy at Harvard’s JFK School. He is a renowned left-wing academic who has taught at Harvard, Northwestern, the University of Chicago, and the University of California, Santa Barbara. He edited the liberal New Republic magazine in the 1960s and has written several scholarly books tackling poverty, economic inequality, affirmative action, welfare reform, and yes, racial differences (The Black White Test Score Gap).

The willingness of Republican Gang of 8’ers to allow a young conservative researcher and married father of two to be strung up by the p.c. lynch mob for the crime of unflinching social science research is chilling, sickening, and suicidal.

These are serious people doing serious work. The crucifiers of Jason Richwine pretend to defend sound science. But if it is now inherently racist to study racial and ethnic differences among demographic groups, then it’s time to shut down every social sciences department in the country.


Update 4:15pm Eastern: Richwine has resigned, according to Politico. The left-wing mob, aided and abetted by GOP cowards and opportunists, get their scalp.

Thought you’d like to see how McCain Hispanic National co-chair Ana Navarro responded:


Rush Limbaugh stood up for Richwine yesterday and today.

Christian Adams: Racial smears of conservatives by conservatives

  • Dee Worley

    Michelle Malkin doesnt seem to have a problem stringing up President Obama via the Right Wing p. c. lynch mob and Obama, too, is a married father of two.

    My complaint with Malkin is that her criticism is always one- sided and she is making a lot of money inflaming the anger of others through her negative myopic view of the president. She faults the “left” of slanted views and then does the exact same thing herself.

  • Dee Worley

    Why isn’t the Right calling for Richwine’s college records!? And birth certificate too.

  • RC Rondero de Mosier

    What you are disregarding is anyone with enough money and time can get pretty much any degree. And even if it is a top school, it might show he had great grades to get in, and he might be brilliant. But hey, I bet Hitler was a sharp cookie too. You are backing him citing his academic credentials. Graduating from the program he graduated from does not mean his ideas have merit. Additionally, a thesis topic, even if inflammatory and perhaps without merit, will get approved if a student puts the time in. It is one of those safeguards of academia. Of course the thesis will get approved. He paid his money to be there and institutions of higher learning let people put forth theses that might not even be good. Academic freedom does not equal meritous thought. And to be sure, the left has its own folks with cooks. So how then to judge his theories? Maybe we can look to history to see how people have used arguments that undermine race and genger equality to justify policies…slavery in the South, denying women the right to vote, Nazi purge of the Jews. He’s not exactly in good company.

  • Broderick

    Wow. Eloquent and spot on. Thank you. I wish I had friends with half your passion. Keep it up.

  • Mari Nath

    Michelle and Jason, sitting in a tree, both as ugly as can be…inside and out!!!

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