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Beware of IVAW nutball-turned- “gun rights organizer” Adam Kokesh

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 13, 2013 08:37 AM

One of the advantages of having fought conservative battles in the blogosphere for a decade and in traditional media for more than two decades is that I never forget a fraudster.

Many gullible gun-rights activists have been promoting a July 4th armed march on Washington organized by Adam Kokesh.

Just stop it.

I’m also flabbergasted at others on the Right who are either ignorant or have forgotten Kokesh’s sordid history with Iraq Veterans Against the War.

For crying out loud, just Google him and his pals.

IVAW is the group whose members included one loon who threatened to bomb the Gathering of Eagles and assassinate me, along with the notorious, fake Army ranger/anti-war poster boy Jesse MacBeth, and a cast of anti-American miscreants and liars.

Flashback March 2010:

Before there was a nationwide, grass-roots Tea Party movement, there was another nationwide, grass-roots movement that brought thousands of Americans to Washington, D.C. They called themselves the “Gathering of Eagles.” I covered two massive, GoE rallies against the Soros-funded, anti-war Left in March 2007 and September 2007. GOE activists continue to expose the transnational progressives, anti-military bullies, and phonies who operate under the “peace” banner.

One of the groups that GOE dogged was Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) — whose members have included bomb-threat bullies and death-threat nutballs who threatened to assassinate me, fake Army vet Jesse MacBeth, and another prominent member who smeared the Young America’s Foundation by faking an anti-Muslim hate flyer and smeared David Horowitz with similar race-card playing flyers, then weaseled out of the attacks by claiming they were “satire.”

The last two incidents involved an IVAW member named Adam Kokesh. He marched in uniform in mock patrols for the anti-war movement, paraded around holding an upside-down American flag (see Jonn Lilyea for more), was arrested for defacing signs, and traveled to Germany to urge soldiers to abandon their posts and seek aid and comfort with his anti-war minions.

Kokesh, believe it or not, is now running as a Republican candidate for Congress in New Mexico. And, believe it or not, he is getting positive exposure on at least one Fox News show. He has the backing of Ron Paul, the Republican Liberty Caucus, and the 9/12 Project.

The New Mexico Republican Party has its head in the sand. If you have friends and family in New Mexico, make sure they know who the real Adam Kokesh is.

He is an anti-war smear merchant in GOP clothing. Spread the word.

Bob Owens didn’t forget.

Cassy Fiano noted Kokesh’s despicable attempt to smear the Young America’s Foundation:

Adam Kokesh has decided to run for Congress to represent the Third District of New Mexico. Not familiar with Kokesh? Allow me to enlighten you.

He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1999, and served in Fallujah as a sergeant in 2004. Before being disharged in 2006, he was demoted to corporal for bringing a pistol he purchased in Iraq to the United States. He now portrays himself a libertarian conservative, and has even earned the endorsement of Ron Paul (surprise surprise). His shady background shows that he isn’t a conservative at all, that he was a poor NCO, and an awful excuse for a Marine.

After leaving the Corps, he joined Iraq Veterans Against the War. They’re a nasty little group. They’ve issued bomb threats against the Gathering of Eagles and threatend to assassinate Michelle Malkin. They’re the organization that gave us fake Army vet Jesse Macbeth. This is the group that Adam Kokesh aligns himself with. IVAW blames the war in Iraq on “corporate profiteering” and claim that the military is “broken”. It’s also extremely similar to the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, which was little more than a communist front group that held the views that America is an imperialist nation, and that our soldiers who aren’t against the war are murderers.

But don’t think that he’s some innocent bystander. Adam Kokesh has participated in some pretty disgusting stunts. He distributed a Islamophobic flyer on the George Washington University campus, but made it appear that the Young America’s Foundation printed and distributed the flyer. He also repeatedly protested wearing his Marine Corps uniforms. He flew to Germany and urged soldiers stationed there to go AWOL. He was arrested in 2007 for defacing public property. He would parade around in uniform holding an upside-down American flag…

Vigilant milblog This Ain’t Hell has been exposing IVAW for years.

Charles Johnson reports on Kokesh’s admission that he is mentally unstable and disturbed by large crowds.

Responsible gun rights activists: Don’t just on Kokesh’s bandwagon. It’s a crazy train.

Called out:

  • mrbednarz

    Thanks for the info Michelle. For all the good that the Tea Party and Patriot movement has done, they must do a better job of vetting their leaders did they learn nothing in Delaware?

  • mrbednarz

    Thanks for the info Michelle. Teaparty and Patriot groups need to do a better job of vetting and controlling who their voices are. Did we learn nothing from Delaware? The true face, merits, and achievements of the movement could be jeopardized by the Left’s assertions that these impostors represent who we are.

  • Edith Slattery

    All of America is Anti-War Michelle!! We know why our brothers and sisters are dying and the reason for it!! We have uncovered our history that the government has kept hidden for decades!! Americans are dying for big government and big corporations!! That’s UnAmerican!!! They are not dying for democracy and Freedom!!! So as for him being Anti-War!!! Good for him!! My brother caught in Iraq war it had nothing to do with Freedom!!!

  • http://Libertylifenews.com Jamie Tabisz-Smith

    I would love to see evidence that Ron Paul is backing Adam Kokesh for the office he is seeking. I doubt that very much.

  • Mark Wathen

    The IWAW has been covered by military websites for a while now.thisainthell.us has some of the best coverage.Keep exposing this group vedy dangerous.Thank you Michele military families appreciate it

  • Gabe

    Oh how dare he use his right to free speech to share his beliefs, and how dare he stand up for and assert his Constitutionally GUARANTEED right to keep and bear arms. I’m surprised at you Michelle, maybe I shouldn’t be, from your article it looks like you think Ron Paul, Glenn Beck’s 9/12 Project and anyone else who doesn’t align themselves with the GOP is an extremist nut job… As a so called conservative o would think you would not be demonizing these people who are obviously taking a stand for freedom. Rethink which side you’re on Michelle because Americans are waking up and tired of the lines from both parties. We want the truth, we want freedom and we want liberty.


  • Janice Barrera

    I think he is a plant. False flag guy.

  • http://Www.sheepdogsblig.blogspot.com Chris

    Was there and met you at the Gathering of Eagles in 2007. I went to Iraq for 16 months shortly thereafter, returning in Apr 09. The whole time I’ve been following the news, trying to spread the truth about the administration (though I took a break from blogging) on various forums, or by writing to Congress- it’s exhausting to have to deal with willfully blind or corrupt leftists. Thank you for continuing to fight all this time.

  • ray

    This lady knows nothing about Adamand is disqualified as an honest source of information on this event. She is a shill for the statis quo and is in bed with the ruling class divide and conquer left/right dem and rep cronies who have destroyed this nation for the last 100 years for their own gain. Michelle repent.

  • http://2012countdowntozerotime.wordpress.com count down to zero time

    What a crock of bull you know what this is all hearsay and smear itself. Is this the same Malkin who wrote in her book in favour of Americans in concentration camps. A mainstream pundit who makes a living gate keeping her paymasters happy miss Malkin would be fired if she did tell the truth.there are genuine concerns about kokesh but this article is so badly written I find it impossible to take these alleged accusations and smears seriously.

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