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Code Pinker loudly interrupts Obama’s national security speech, wakes viewer

By Doug Powers  •  May 23, 2013 05:17 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

While watching President Obama’s speech today at National Defense University I was nodding off a bit when a Code Pink serial heckler provided a loud disruption and woke me back up:

Video via The Weekly Standard:

“Let me finish, ma’am.” That would have been extra funny if the heckler had been Barbara Boxer.

Strange how nobody seems to be able to recognize Medea Benjamin when she’s entering these places even though she’s been a heckling mainstay for years. Or maybe somebody likes the brief intermission/distraction she provides — like a halftime show featuring a lefty playing first chair shrillhorn in place of the usual marching band.

**Written by Doug Powers

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  • http://na urban

    mrs. malkin,
    usually i love your work but today you missed the mark. sure miss pinko was funny but prez-0 hit a plateau on this date. i fear you’ve been bull-horning our president’s intentions so long that you come off as unable to commend him if he matures.
    i never comment here but read weekly and while i’m truly inspired by your writing i felt urged to interject. reason being, today our growing potus actually articulated some very conservative values with regard to how best to defend america, it’s valued military, & all of us. that is the man’s job & don’t we both want him doing more of that?
    as with all people, of limited scope but wanting to contribute, we should encourage mr. obama’s growth whether we supported his elections or not. when his concerns become ours, we are being heard & it’s at that point that kudos, from someone like you to someone like him, really matter! his admonishing of miss “first chair shrillhorn” was simply icing on a cake that i really missed eating. after all, this commander-in-chief’s recipe’s been collecting dust for near four & a half years.

  • http://Kim.snipes.771@Fb.comAlsoKimsnipes3atTwitter.com Kim Snipes

    I wish more Americans would be brave enough to confront the Lunacy that IS Barack Obama!!

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