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Meet one of the people Joe Biden says lives ‘in fear and in the shadows’

By Doug Powers  •  May 31, 2013 09:44 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

The other day in Trinidad, Joe Biden claimed that illegals in the U.S. are “required to constantly live in fear and live in the shadows.”

Courtesy of Fox News’ Special Report, meet one of the people who, according to Biden, is cowering in fear:

Illegal immigrant and mother of seven, Marita Nelson, receives $240 in food stamps, medications, $700 in Social Security and housing allowance. She entered the US by swimming the Rio Grande. Now she’s on a crusade to help other illegals sign up for their free stuff.

Horror! Please do something about America’s inhumanity, Joe Biden!

Video from Fox News:

(h/t GWP and Weasel Zippers)

**Written by Doug Powers

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  • joseph

    As it right they are criminals what bank robber would not look over there shoulder. This guy is plain stupid he ignores the majority of america we want these boarder crashing pieces of sht deported . I went to the welfare and social security office and filmed the applicants 2-1 ratios of Mexicans to black and white.
    Mexico has encouraged illegal crossing to eliminate there responsibility to take care of there people welfare food stamps irs fraud with ITIN falsifying returns to the tune of 4.5 billion on child deductions claiming children the live in Mexico 10-20 illegals using US address that live in Mexico. This pervison of our kindness and laws have to stop I urge you to go to numbers USA where you can fax your congress men for free and lodge your complaints and tell them no. And enforce our laws

  • Rex

    GET OUT of my country. Swim back and don’t come back!!!!

  • dustin

    the goal, say recruiters, is to increase federal aid to the state of fl by $1 BILLION/yr. so casual, that’s the part they say out load.

  • Anne Bailey

    Say it Joe, undermine your own country like your boss does.

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The “H” must stand for “helpful.”

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